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"Stop that Tank!" Canada (ca.1942)
วันที่ 13/06/2009   08:32:11

"Stop that Tank!" Canada (ca.1942)  from 2bn442RCT  ความยาว 3 ตอน รวม 21 นาที

ภาพยนตร์สาธิตการใช้งานปืนไรเฟิลต่อสู้รถถัง Boys ของฝ่ายสัมพันธมิตร

The Boys anti-tank rifle was sometimes referred to as "Charlie the Bastard" due to its recoil.
A comic, arrogant Hitler is shown riding a tank, confidently ridiculing his adversaries, but Canadian soldiers, using anti-tank rifles, firing from trees, haystacks, barnyards, and even a latrine, rout the Nazi tank corps and literally blow Hitler to Hell. He tumbles into the fiery inferno and begins spouting German gibberish to a comic devil, who informs the audience- "Adolph says it isn't fair. He's being oppressed. He says it's an outrage. Der Fuehrer says against your anti-tank rifles, he simply can't win."

The rest of the film is a detailed animated instructional film on the care and firing of the rifles.
The Rifle, Anti-Tank, .55in, Boys commonly known as the "Boys (or, often and incorrectly,"Boyes") Anti-tank Rifle" was a British anti-tank rifle. There were two main types, an early model (MK I) which had a circular muzzle brake and T shaped bipod, and a later model (Mk II) that had a square muzzle brake and a V shaped bipod. There were also different cartridges, with a later one offering better penetration.
He eponymous creator of this firearm was Captain Boys (the Assistant Superintendent of Design) who was a member of the British Small Arms Committee and a designer at the Royal Small Arms Factory, Enfield. It was initially called Stanchion but was renamed after H.C. Boys as a mark of respect when he died a few days before the rifle was approved for service in November 1937.
A bolt action rifle fed from a five-shot magazine, the weapon was large and heavy with a bipod at the front and a separate grip below the padded butt. In order to combat the recoil caused by the large 0.55 inch (13.9 mm) round, the barrel was mounted on a slide, and a shock absorber was fitted to the bipod along with a muzzle brake on the barrel.

The weapon was effective to about 300 yards (280 m) as an anti-tank and anti-vehicle weapon. There were two main service loads used during the Second World War, the W Mark 1 (60 g AP at 747 m/s) and the W Mark 2 ammunition (47.6 g AP projectile at 884 m/s). Later in the conflict, but too late for service use, a much more effective high velocity round was developed, this fired a tungsten cored Armor-Piercing, Composite Rigid (APCR) design at 945 m/s. The W Mark 2 projectile was able to penetrate up to 3/4 inch (20 mm) of armor at 100 yards (~91 m). The armor plate inclined at 70° from the horizontal i.e. 20 degrees from the direct line angle of fire - the effective thickness being ~21.5 mm. Its effective range against unarmored targets (e.g. infantry), was much further. Although useful against the early tanks, the increases in vehicle armor during WW2 left it largely ineffective for anti-tank duties and it was replaced in service by the PIAT anti-tank weapon. It still saw some use against bunkers, machine gun nests, and lighter vehicles. In the Western Desert the large bullet could throw up splinters from rocks to cause casualties and it continued to be used in the Pacific theatre against Japanese tanks; the Japanese did not replace their older lightly armored tanks, spread out across the Pacific and South East Asia, with newer ones until later in the war. The weapon had been designed with these lighter tanks in mind.

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